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Western Cape, South Africa

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About Me:

Been around the blocks & burnt the T-shirts. Friends say I'm an Enigma.

Don't worry about my location as I'm looking to settle down somewhere permanently - not been living out my suitcase because I can't commit, I've had to travel to many towns to stay employed.

Oh, me? Briefly: Let's c, I can hold an intelligent conversation, like learning new things, like nature, walking, pool playing, hiking, plants, animals, intergrative medicine, some sports, a good evening dress up & go out or a quiet even at home & cuddle on the couch, movies, I'm a hand knitter but that's a skill not old age lol, dying art actually, I read, I write as a hobby, love music in all respects - no heavy metal I'm angry at my parents/world stuff lol, like walks on the beach, experiencing new things, travel-done a lot, driving with a picnic & no destination, dancing although I can't to save my life I like to get a wiggle in or a slow dance, I play chess, scrabble, good at cards, other stuff, fairly good at cooking & baking, cleaning. I'm comfortable to sit in silence, comfortable in my own skin, I'm flexible, loyal, people say I'm funny, do I look like a clown? I also have a serious dedicated side & if you don't like the rounded off parts because I'm soft, warm & cuddly, then u're welcome to date a skeleton, I consider my health above vanity & I'm more than all this above & some - dynamite comes in small packages - Bang!! Lol!

I'm no Angelina Jolie and you're no Liam Hemsworth so let's talk Turkey.

Looking For:

A guy (45 - 65)

You are a good kisser! You are here because you are interested in dating & entering a relationship. By this time you have left your baggage far behind you. You have a sense of humor, can hold a conversation, are assertive, a gentleman, loving & passionate & confident, not afraid to make the first move. You know who you are & have what you want by this time in your life or close to it & don't need a twenty something Barbie to complete your picture. You are strong in mind, big in heart, physically able & willing to take the risk. You are prepared to date, to spend time with a woman & get to know her. You're not on here because you're bored/looking for a weekend fling.

You are:

Not too busy/important to date. If we met at a video shop randomly and you wanted to ask me out, you would, so chatting for weeks on end, not cool - unless we are doing it over distance and plan a date to meet up.

If you're rich & busy travelling & looking for the woman with personality because you're tired of the trophies; seeing is believing because if you can't meet me after a week - baby, been there done that b/s, you have an agenda.

If you're into this for sex, please google the porn sites & knock yourself out. I don't send or like to receive dirty photos & gross guys come on, masturbating videos - really??

And I know you guys don't have it any better when you're talking to that sexy 28 year blonde getting you excited who happens to be a Nigerian in a shack waiting to scam you....


Relationship Status:
I don't have
Like to have children:
Home Language:
Other Language(s):


163cm (5' 4.2")
Body Type:
A few extra pounds
Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:

Work & Profession:


Life Style:

Eating Habits:
I eat healthily
I'm a Non-Smoker
I drink socially
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