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WHERE HAS ALL THE GOOD WOMAN GONE ?? * LOVES NATURE *LOVES ADVENTURE **LOVE TO STAY FIT AND HAVE A HEALTHY LIFE * hard working honest no bs person.I love. honesty .. I'm a very creative person, . can stand my man if have to.I love children but don't have .. try to be the best I can be every day. and stay healthy is important to me,so I don't smoke,and don't mind if someone else smoke,I try to avoid GMO foods.and love to excersize regularly.if some day i depart this world "then hopefully it wil be that i made a good impact on it "my dream house is in nature..(** DOES HONEST TRUE WOMAN EXIST IN SA, ? ,I DONT WANT TO KNOW A WOMAN FOR HER MONEY OR GOOD LOOKS, BUT SHE HAS TO TAKE CARE OF HER HEALTH, HONEST WOMAN THAT WANT TRUE LOVE, A WOMAN THAT VALUE HONESTY MORE THEN ANY THING,BECAUSE HONESTY IS RESPECT,RESPECT IS BIG PART OF LOVE

Looking For:

A woman (22 - 44)

If you are *Honest* Nature LOVING*A*WITH A HEALTHY LIFE STYLE* **ADVENTURE SEEKING*A GIRL THAT DISLIKE LIES*. A tender loving caring DOWN TO EARTH no bs girl! LOVES OUTINGS IN NATURE!OR LIVE IN NATURE THEN CONTACT ME !! IF YOU THINK MONEY MAKES THE PERSON OR IF YOU ARE JUDGE MENTAL(THEN DONT BOTHER) and please realize I don't judge but your looks or money don't make the person.. Love and respect is important. True love =honesty & respect
I would like to meet a girl that at least try to live a healthy life style..nature lovers and tree huggers welcome
Honest and straight talk is good to build friendship
It is good to have money and looks but believe me even if you have all the looks and all the money in the world it won't impressive me as as much as your personality and great heart
For only a honest true heart with love is ever lasting. Man should b a man. And a woman a woman. Dont play people. And don't judge before you know a person in person. Woman shouldn't be treated like sluts,but men also not a to b played for money. Where are the honest true people gone in s.a ?


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I don't have
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English, Finnish


175cm (5' 8.9")
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Advanced Degree
Self employed

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Eating Habits:
I eat healthily
I'm a Non-Smoker
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