Nathi, 34 - Kempton Park

Gauteng, South Africa

About Me:

I am a nice person, always trying to help others. I always want people happy and smiling (I perfer laughing, but I'll take a smile anytime).

I worry alot about many things (I have made myself very sick with worry and my doctor no longer asks me what is wrong, he asks what's bothering me).

I have been told by almost everyone I know and meet, that I am way too hard on myself. I can never settle, I want more, I want better. Once I reach a goal, I want to surpass it. Not to please anyone but myself.

I am a very good, loyal, trustworthy friend to the end. I have more than 10 solid friendships that have withstood the test of time (over 5 years). When I love, it's passionate and deep. When I am angry I can be pretty mean. I don't like violence, I am very sharp with my words.
I am educated, and love to be around other educated people as they inspire me.

I am a hard worker (since the age of 15) and believe if I want something I should be able to get it myself (not borrow money, or have someone buy it for me).
I love people- working with them, talking with them, helping them- I just love being around people.
There are the times I require my "quiet space", I read and think during those times and would be insane without them.
Oh, and I LOVE to dance!! :)Dancing

Looking For:

A woman (18 - 35)

A girl who's positive, content with her life, always upbeat — and just a blast to be around. A genuine person without a bitch bone in her body. Always truly happy to see you and you find yourself looking forward to spending time with her. Who usually snapped up out of the dating market right away.


Relationship Status:
I don't have
Like to have children:
Home Language:
Other Language(s):
English, Afrikaans, IsiZulu, Sesotho, siSwati


145cm (4' 9.1")
Body Type:
Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:

Work & Profession:

mine captain

Life Style:

Eating Habits:
I eat healthily
I'm a Non-Smoker
I drink socially
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