crashOverride, 40 - Midrand

Gauteng, South Africa

About Me:

A Mason, a Mensan, a budoka and an Aspie.

I work as a project design draftsperson, and study B Com IT Management.

Bit of a control-freak, rather introvert but can hold my own in a crowd. People who don't know me, think I'm serious; people who know me understand that I'm often light-hearted even when I'm not smiling. I enjoy making other people smile though.

Active hobbies - karate, web-design /developme nt, PlayStation [yup :) - if you think that gaming is the hobby of a non-ambiti ous/social ly inept/childish man, then rather look somewhere else], reading (love-it!)

Love animals. Dislike conversation with opinionated people who refuse to be open-minded. Can do a pretty bad-ass roundhouse kick (maybe not as hard as Chuck Norris). And I love animals. Live away from my parents/family - see them very seldom. Enjoy rock music; enjoy the quiet just as much. Did I mention I like animals?

Disclaim er: I am a diagnosed Aspie, or put differently, a 'high functioning' autistic. This is not a disease, so please don't ask me if I can be cured. That would be like asking me to cure my personality, because Autism is neurological and pretty much part of who I am. Long story short, if you struggle to digest any of this, then maybe I'm not your cup of tea.

Looking For:

A woman (18 - 31)

There are two types of girls:

Girls from the city, regardless of their background, are either in-a-relationship and flirty, or single and impossibly fickle and with unrealistic expectations. The latter especially defines dating-site girls.

And then in the countryside you can find ladies who are beautiful, friendly and principled .

Forgi ve the harsh stereotype but if you can understand what I'm trying to say and take it in good humour, then I'd like to meet you.

But if you expect me to be perfectly romantic (I can incorporate art into a relationship), perfectly good-looking (I'd say I get good feedback anyway), highly educated (I'm very well-spoken and intelligent), and wealthy (I understand money)....

If you expect me to be all or any of the above, but you don't have the maturity to answer when a guy phones you (or return the call), or you haphazardly cancel dates the hour before they're supposed to happen...then consider why some men become disillusioned, and also remember that "getting to know you" comes from two sides.

Otherwise, if I contact you, know that I reallyreal lyreallyre ally think you're profile is intriguing, and I hope we have fun getting to know each other :)


Relationship Status:
I don't have
Home Language:
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177cm (5' 9.7")
Body Type:
Hair Colour:
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Work & Profession:

Civil Design; Web Design

Life Style:

I Smoke Occasionally
I drink socially
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