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About Me:

The impression created in the summary’s that you are about to read is that I am arrogant, I’m not, I’m just tired of dating bots, scammers and people that haven’t taken the time to read through my profile message me, I have had enough of letters that challenge what it is that I am looking for in a prospective partner, racially or age and enough of letters that by the 2nd or 3rd letter start proclaiming undying love for me and that their world revolves around the letters that they sit for hours in front of their computer screens waiting for.

First off and this is a NO COMPROMISE factor so I’ll state it now and save you the time it takes to get to what I am looking for in a Partner, I am a Christian and as such am only accepting church going, God loving women. Attending church only when there is a Christian holiday does not count as church attending, being an active member of a church, life group and associated groups does. White/Caucasian, Asian and Latino/Hispanic ladies only; I'm not a Racist but am Racially inclined when it comes to choosing a partner, just as the age group doesn’t start in the 20's as I have no desire to wait for a girl to mature into a woman.

Please take the time to read both about Me and what I am looking for in a Partner section of this, just as I take the time to read through the You and what You are looking for in a partner, if it fits you and I haven't yet contacted you and you feel the desire to take the first step in meeting, Great, hello and ho

Looking For:

A woman (35 - 42)

Why Internet Dating? Because I don’t have the time available to spend dating multiple partners multiple times a week trying to find someone compatible to me, to find someone who I am willing to grow old gracefully with, to find someone that i am willing to accept with all their flaws and faults. Just as I am sure many of you echo this last paragraph in your own thoughts if not profiles.

Almost any woman can turn a man’s head and get him to notice her, the ability to keep a man captivated, have his lasting intentions and desires focused on you is however a different matter all together. A combination of being self assured and aware of your own sexuality with a touch of sensual-ism thrown in for good measure is a good grounding for capturing a man’s attention. However, that is only a fraction of the battle in capturing a man’s heart and beginning of creating a desire to get to know you better. Ample Self confidence without appearing standoff-ish, Style without appearing to have spent the last 6 hours in front of a mirror and protruding an aura of Class will get him moving across the room to introduce himself to you. The ability to hold an intellectual conversation, yet knowing when to cross that fine line and be emotional in your reasoning will spark interest, add wit and humor to the conversation, subtract assumption and gossip and you should by now have him offering to get you a drink. Being attentive to what he says, offering insightful comments and agreeing to disagree wit


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168cm (5' 6.1")
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I eat most things
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I drink socially
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