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Tough one but i will give you a taste of where i'm coming from. As i get older i find the whole love thing more and more frustrating, as a kid love is this exciting beautiful romantic notion of everlasting happiness. Then as a young adult you make connections and walk on cloud nine high on life till you bump into the reason for your happiness at a bar with another woman/man. Entering your 30's you feel more educated and realistic about love and look for someone to settle down with, we enter the period of marriage and children and face a whole new set of challenges of cheating , abusive or drunk spouses and realise once again this is not the fairtale we originally signed up for, so as we move on through our 30's and face divorces and new jobs , challenging economies , maintenance and bonds where do we find ourselves in terms of real love? People stay in shitty marriages for kids or money, or toxic relationships for fear of being alone at 30 something in an ever dwindling dating pool of divorcees, drunks , abusers, etc. And so in a technology driven society where hook ups and cheating have been made easier than ever i find myself turning to online dating in the hopes of meeting a decent someone, Apparently people don't meet organically anymore so here i am.

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A guy (42 - 55)

My ideal match is someone who can forgo the romantic chemically imbalanced first part of the relationship where we all try to impress and attract our new mates and skip directly to 2 years down the line where you actually start getting to know the real person, the time when you finally feel comfortable to be who you actually are and release the asshole within. In other words to be completely honest and transparent about who you really are. Im looking for someone REAL not an idea of someone. Tired of investing my time and heart on people only to realise that despite being told what a perfect partner you are and how honest and faithful you were that in actual fact you are a lying cheating selfish moron that i just wasted 4 years of my life with. Not looking for a hookup so if that's your intention please scroll on. Im here to give it one final go at finding a man that can restore my faith in humanity, i say humanity because its not a woman vs man thing both sexes these days seem to treat infidelity and lies as "part of the Package" i 'm just not built like that. Looking for old fashioned values when men were men and woman were something to be cherished and loved and respected. Its long shot but who knows maybe there are still some people like me left in the world.


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I don't have
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181cm (5' 11.3")
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I eat healthily
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