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North West, South Africa

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Hi beautiful amazing lady's well WHT can I say about myself I'm jst a down to earth colored guy I'm kind respectfully honest I love cooking I love family don't have friends my partner and kids are my friends I love movies soccer tv games or jst relaxing or cuddling with my partner I'm very quiet I love to gym I love playing with kids I hate lies secrets dishonesty disrespectful I'm always happy smiling I dnt go out alot or should ì say I never wnt to go out with out my partner by my side I jst wnt to be happy an to mke my partner happy an to be loved I dnt knw WHT it feels like to be loved by a lady or to feel proud an say I hve a wonderful lady so thts WHT I'm looking for a lady who is really serious and interested in something that will go to the end an last

Looking For:

A woman (30 - 60)

Hi beautiful lady's out the I'm jst looking for a lady who is done playing games who wnts a serious relationship built on trust respect honesty love no lies no secrets no cheating some one who is done with been treated wrong a lady tht wnts to be the only lady in her man's life an he be the only one so lady plz there are alot of different people tht u get on this site some who are not serious an who jst wnt to play games so plz I'm jst looking for a serious lady an looks important but the inside is mre important I jst wnt a lady who is serious an wnts a serious relationship alady who is done with games alady who wnts to be loved respected treated like a lady be the only lady in her man's life a lady who jst wnts to be loved an plz lady's to me it's not about how she looks or WHT she has but whts in the inside her heart thts more important then anything if she drinks smokes it's fine I dnt hve a problem with tht jst along as she does not put me on the side lines I jst wnt a lady who is really interested an serious about a good relationship a good future a good life an it's not all about money but live respect honesty trust thts the mst important thing in a relationship thts a foundation I wnt to build on I jst wnt a lady who is not perfect not but jst a down to earth lady I dnt care her body or size jst a loving caring kind honest sweet funny to be with


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I have
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Afrikaans, IsiXhosa, IsiZulu


170cm (5' 6.9")
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Own business

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Eating Habits:
I eat most things
I'm a Non-Smoker
I don't drink
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