TracyLyynn, 30 - Rustenburg

North West, South Africa

About Me:

Disclaimer: I have a long Bio for a reason.

If I message you, just know it took some real apples... I am super shy..... Ive been kissing many frogs searching for my prince but ive had no luck, so ive chosen to fall back and get over the fantasy of "the dream guy" and "prince charming".

Honest ly not looking to be in a relationship. Just casual banter and maybe new friends?? Hopefully I dont scare you away... PLEASE REFRAIN from sending disrespectful, sexual, offensive and stupid messages. I promise you I wont reply and most probably Il report and block you. Also like, hey and hi is so boring.... Sooo i probably wont respond to Hi's , hey's and hello's.... Just get to the point :)

Honesty, respect, kindness, loyalty, love, sense of humour, inteligence, ambition are like the Ideal characteristics I love. Oh and if you're a lil tall, but not too tall (Im afraid of tall people since Im really short), have dark hair (or blonde :p), light eyes and facial hair... Like marry me maybe??? Lol x

So like ....just message me... You have nothing to loose and me to gain :p im only kidding.. but you really should, i think im so nice and my imaginary friends think im pretty cool.

Looking For:

A guy (21 - 31)

My Ideal parter is Honest, trustworthy, loyal, ambitious, intellectual like... Super chilled like, funny and compassionate. Like if we are to get serious like, i want us to have like passion and that. Also like be able to have undeniable connections. I want to be able to intimate right without actually like having to go all the way like cuddling and hugs and that. Some to motivate me , support me, and just alot you know... Im not demanding right its just ive been hurt so now i know what i want.. but i wanna fall in love with my best friend so id rather start as friends and see how compatible then if things happen they happen you know.. yeah :)


Relationship Status:
I don't have
Like to have children:
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153cm (5' 0.2")
Hair Colour:
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Life Style:

Eating Habits:
I eat most things
I'm a Non-Smoker
I don't drink
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