Lean, 40 - Rustenburg

North West, South Africa

About Me:

Recently through toughest storm of my entire life. Facing my worst demons.

Confirmed that yes i am naive, i do believe in that perfect 50 shades sexy as hell kjnd of thing. Yes i do believe good will always win or change bad. Yes im a wild child, i have aparently awesome sex apeal that drives people crazy ( seriously) so yes ifni have good lips i am going to do whatever to exlamate them. If i have a rocking bodybi am going to do it justice and dress it up as hit as i can.

Yes i talk alot im alone alot and i have i realky do have an opinuonbabiut almost everytjing.

I have expectationa i believe and will strive to maintain a certain standard of classyness and sophistication no matter how much my commin came out last when i was wasted and just didnt give a shit

If you can pull off and i mean really pull it off, a mr grey (50 shades) 100% ......omg we can have so much fun "neat and on the rocks"

Tip: the aim of the gane is you want to MAKE me want to submit to you want to....which means in order to get you have to give and to me at this stage the give comes in financial form if i want a pretty dress do whatever u have to see i get it. If i nerd a phone get me the one i want and like in yesterday😋😉

Looking For:

A guy (25 - 40)

Deadly honest. Lady in the street and a freak in the bed.....treat me well and ill be VERY good to u......Think SOPHISTICATED / CLASSY guys...

Minds out of the complete commin gutters please


I don't have
Like to have children:
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157cm (5' 1.8")
Body Type:
Hair Colour:
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Life Style:

I Smoke
Yes Please!
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