Jeff, 50 - Schweizer-Reneke

North West, South Africa

About Me:

Unfortunately I am not your typical macho man, those with a big mouth always charming girls, bragging and showing of how tough and strong they are.
I am one of a kind, a special breed of man, who have many unique abilities that make me irreplaceable in life.
To be honest, I am quite intelligent, but a bit authoritative and also a very protective and brave person.
Sometimes I am impulsive but I have a lot of energy as well as a tremendous willpower in life.
I am pursuing love, happiness, joy and prosperity in my life.
As a man I am emotionally sensitive and my emotions are deep and intense but I can also be very hard headed and stubborn at times.
I like to fantasize a lot and I am a real romantic dreamer who likes to play seduction games.
I sincerely hope to find the person who will be able to shear my passion in life. The one who will fill the lonely emptiness in my hard the one who will ignite the flame of love in my heart, and who will maintain it for the rest of our life’s.
I am also a very curious and optimistic person who truly belief in respect, trust and honesty
I do not tolerate backbiting, scheming, gossiping or any form of violence because this always disrupt the peace in a home.
Unfortunately, I am not a wealthy man and I also have my own faults and weaknesses, after all I am just human being
I need someone in my life who will except me for who I am and not jugging me.
Some one who will support me, some one who I can protect and care for.
Might this be you?

Looking For:

A woman (38 - 48)

MY IDEA of a perfect woman and soul mate for me, look MORE or LESS like this:
I would like her to have a rich and interesting personality who's interested in deeper things than the looks of a person.
I would like her to be kind, loyal and trustworthy and she must strives towards love, peace and happiness in her life.
I would also like her not to be afraid to pursue her own desires, needs and goals.
I sincerely hope that she will be a caring, loving, sensitive and a gentle lady, who also have a devilish naughty side.
It would be excellent if she is honest and open at all times and have a good communication skills.
I will be very disappointed if she lies, betray or hold grudges.
I would like her to develop my weaknesses, fill the emptiness in my hard and enrich me with her love, presence and personality. In return I will also enlighten her body, mind and sole with my presence and unconditional love.
I also would like her to be done to earth person who can adapt to any condition or circumstance with out getting uptight or irritated.
a Person who know the knocks of life and the hardship it coursed.
She must always be her self, irrespective of her own shortfalls and weaknesses and she must also except my own shortfalls and weaknesses as I will except hers.
I also would like here to be next to me in good times and bad times, trough happiness and sorrow, trough sickness and health for the rest of our life’s.
I sincerely hope my ideal sole mate, best friend and lover exists


Relationship Status:
I don't have
Like to have children:
Home Language:
Other Language(s):


175cm (5' 8.9")
Body Type:
Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:

Work & Profession:

School Only

Life Style:

Eating Habits:
I eat most things
I'm a Non-Smoker
I drink socially
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