SnuggleyHuggley, 33 - George

Western Cape, South Africa

About Me:

I used to be a really shy introvert-type girl, but the past 2 years I've grown into someone who loves people, and who loves to be social and make new friends.

I love animals, and during my personal growth in these past two years I've really started loving nature. I love the Forrest, vegetable gardens, bright flowers, hiking, lying in the sun on the grass like a 5 year old, and most of all... I love being on the road - with good company, good music and to go sight seeing.

I am not religious... I consider myself to have pantheistic views about the earth's existence, and see my whole life as a wonderful journey and not a destination. I am a non-judgemental/open minded type person, and enjoy learning about different ways of living. Right now I am busy with my own discovery about life, and what exactly it is that makes me comfortable, and puts fire in my heart.

I love to meet new people, and do things that I haven't done before. I love music, dancing, wine, dark chocolate, and cheese hehe.

Looking For:

A guy (18 - 40)

For me, the perfect relationship is best friends first and everything else second. One of my main requirements in a relationship is communication! I don't like when people don't have communication skills. Everything in life can be sorted out through an open conversation and mutual respect and consideration.

I would like someone who are up for trying new things together... anything... from fun activities, trying new recipes, to jumping on the road to find new little coffee shops where neither of us have been before. Someone who I can be myself around... who will respect my views of life, and who I can have a wonderful companionship with. I am not currently seeking something too serious (in the form of marriage etc.) as I am still on my own road of discovery... but I would really love to have someone in my life to have fun with, do romantic things together, and share the good and bad about life with, and encourage each-others personal growth. I am looking for someone who can get deep & serious about life when needed, but can also have fun, and who knows how to live with abundance, love and energy. I am still trying to find my own balance, but would like a good companion to have fun with. I'm looking for someone who can enjoy romantic evenings and weekends.


Relationship Status:
I don't have
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163cm (5' 4.2")
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Work & Profession:

Web Developer

Life Style:

I Smoke Occasionally
I drink socially
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