Shaun, 36 - Johannesburg

Gauteng, South Africa

About Me:

Life is all about the little things!
Where to start and where to me it doesn't really matter all that much. The journey is where the fun, life and love all lie, the unexpected is just life's little humps and bumps - we have all had them so why not embrace them. Sure i may be calculated at times, but then again all work and no play is not all that fun.
Balance is key! Anyways enough about the "grand picture"
Laughter - check
Fun,games and silliness - check
Commitment and caring - check
Top Gear Enthusiast - check
Personal Hygiene and cleanliness :) - Check
Old school gentleman if you please- check
Super powers - check (you'll have to find out!)
Keen for an adventure and going off the beaten track - check
Family and friends are important - check
yes yes, that is quite enough with the listing - I cant spoil everything for you now can I.

Why would you want to get to know me ? - heck it may sound arrogant/shallow etc, but I don't see why not (more friends is always a good thing and hey if it goes further then awesome!).
NOW then - I say the same to YOU - why wouldn't I want to get to know you ?

Looking For:

A woman (19 - 30)

So then, Romance...
Hmm, romance or ROMANCE (Italian accent), all depends. Lets keep it short and sweet as they say. "its all about the company you keep - indeed it does take two to....frol ic,...that 's not right,...a hh...screa m...not right ..yes yes that's it! So here we are, I didn't really answer much and that's a good thing because I really enjoy giving someone special that extra surprise, that sneaky under the radar adventure , that little something special that means a whole lot to you!
Reasonable answer - check! haha hah

A lady who is comfortable with who she is, down to earth and enjoys a good laugh. I am not interested in fly by night one night stands and all that sorta thing - if you enjoy being treated correctly and having a whole lot of fun! - then why not start up a chat it is 2015 after all :)

To be honest looks do count to a degree as curiosity and attraction are what draws you into someone when you first meet - after that intelligence and having great personality/convo is a must.

Yes, that time has come for you to decide - is this "guy" worth saying hey? - hmm, maybe ...maybe not - the question is if you read this far...then surely I am worth a simple Hi as much as you are in return.

Reasonably profile completed with the utmost honesty - Double check this one!!

Cheers all,


Relationship Status:
I don't have
Like to have children:
Home Language:
Other Language(s):


185cm (6' 0.8")
Body Type:
Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:

Work & Profession:

Marketing and branding manager

Life Style:

Eating Habits:
I eat most things
I'm a Non-Smoker
I drink socially
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