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I am a born again Christian, Sowetan, intelligent and an honest woman no beauty can buy and independent woman. A money man is just a package. I am not that social except for purposes. Caring is my lifestyle and church is my second home. Living a peaceful life and minding my own business. I am persived by people as anti social and not loving to even boring type of a person but to me, its my strength, joy and independency. I distance myself from anything that contaminates if i can't correct it. Privacy Is my cup of tea. I never smoke or drink and a DRINKING partner OR SMOKING, IS A NO NO. I am not a money chaser but Mr BROKE is also a NO NO Go area. Money follows without a choice while serving and the last time I checked, a man is a seed provider, do the planting and we both do the caring.SA, Only. I love sports, tennis is my favourite and I do go to the court and show myself flames. I wrote some poetries. I love to visit historic places and I am business minded. You won't be around me and not laugh when I am also telling it like it is after an assessment of the situation wisely so. I don't tolerate wrong doing and buy no face or position. Anything that has my name on it, will just land between my elbows. I don't categorise myself as humbled depending on how i define it. There's a difference between time wasting and patience, therefore, me and time are caucious. PLEASE, NO DIVORCEES, NO EXTRA POUNDS weight please. White men are also WELCOMED. Qualified matches only.

Looking For:

A guy (55 - 58)

A born again Christian preferably. He must be loving, caring, intelligent. Schooled, communicator, handy, respectful, romantic. First preferences must be white, South African. I like business(Great Minds) man(not money cos I normally do it a favour) in the north of Johannesburg like Sandton etc. Guys, I don't have running shoes for your monies but cat walk high heels movement for it(fear not)


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English, IsiZulu, Tshivenda


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Ask later

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I eat most things
I'm a Non-Smoker
I don't drink
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