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I can cook, which means that you won't starve, lol!!!! 🤣 Candles are not just for loadshedding, but rather for lengthy candlelit dinners.. I am an avid lover of creativity. Music and movies form a very large part of this. I am an emotional person and an empath. I often carry my heart on my sleeve, I love animals, therefore believe that our furry friends belong on or off the bed!!!!. Camping and fishing are not on my wish list however for the right person comprimises will be made. I believe that when a man and a woman are together they should do and go out as such, not apart, otherwise being apart will become permanent, Me time, space and boys nights out are not part of this equation. Men who indulge in watching porn and going to strip clubs are a complete turn off. I believe in exclusivity, therefore if I am in a partnership with somebody, I expect them to be with ONLY me!!!! Exclusivity is an absolute must. A one woman man is the only man for me. If u play the field, I will not be joining you, its definitely a game which you can play all on your own. You can love one woman in a million ways, instead of loving a million women.

Looking For:

A guy (45 - 55)

I am looking for you!!!! The best part of my worst day. I prefer a hands on approach. Face to face encounters work much better than the digital ones!!! An empath who rather displays emotions instead of hiding them Somebody that can make me laugh until I cry but also indulge when those tears aren't caused by laughter. Be the brightness in my darkness. Indulge in what I love, I will do the same for you. Treat me with kindness and respect and it will be reciprocated. Be faithful when we finally take the leap into actually "being together as a couple" Loving one woman in a million ways is far better than actually loving a million women. Love our pets, on or off the bed. Please don't drink until neither one of us knows who you are anymore. I want to be with somebody that includes me in everything he does and everywhere he goes. He should not participate in "boys nights out". Plse do not think that I will be a third party to you watching porn and visiting strip clubs. A man who is confident enough about actually being a male will not need this to act as a mood enhancer or uplift his libido. He should be able to manage this on his own without visual.aids. Visualization will never substitute the real.thing.


Relationship Status:
I don't have
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173cm (5' 8.1")
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Work & Profession:

Unemoloyed, job seeking

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Eating Habits:
I eat most things
I'm a Non-Smoker
I drink socially
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