SUNSHINEDEAN, 51 - Springs

Gauteng, South Africa

About Me:

I'm looking for Life, happiness, peace, lots of ice cream, sushi, a pack of bull terriers, a couple of igwanas, tarantula spiders, and free will and desision making for rats, I'm also looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, a comfortable house at the sea, world peace and an end to violence, freedom of speech for battered and abused women, simpler education for kids and to be able to ride a hover board, besides that not much. About me, well I'm pretty different, I think I nearly understsnd myself, well at least I like to believe I do, I'd like to say I'm hot tempered but the only hot thing about me is my hot flushes, I go from I should not do that to what the hell was I thinking in a matter of milly seconds, I'm stuck somewhere between the 70s, 80s and country music with a hole lot of Dr Hook, I'm pretty uncomplicated unless I have to deal with idiots and backstabbers and I'm unstable unless the bicycle is bolted to the floor besides this I'm pretty normal

Looking For:

A guy (30 - 38)

One who has a hell of a sense of humour, because I'm told I'm full of it, someone who does not take life seriously because road rage is on the increase, a person who can put others needs before there's, because I can't wait for 40 Min for the bathroom, a man that can change a car tyre, because I'm tired of changing them, someone who likes kids because I forgot to grow up, someone whos not scared of heights because I can't climb ladders, someone who can handle hot surfaces because I tend to burn myself alot, and I mean alot, it's like cookware in the oven will always find an uncovers area on my body, can handle blood because that stuff you know the usual stuff most people look for in a partner


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142cm (4' 7.9")
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School Only

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Eating Habits:
I eat most things
I Smoke
I drink socially
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