rosey, 42 - Cape Town

Western Cape, South Africa

About Me:

I am very logical in my thinking. I don't really let emotions control my life anymore. I think about things and look at things from every angle and then decide if that is the right choice for me. I tend to look at the long term picture over the short term pleasure I get from something. I guess that could make me boring in some ways but I have made mistakes in my life and choose not to repeat them again. That is the main reason I go slowly into a relationship. I married after knowing someone less then a year and found out quickly I did not know enough, it was one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

I want to find love and know I will find love someday but have been dating from online and off line for 2 years and have not found the person. I know from experience that someone feels perfect online but when you meet them in person, its almost like they are a different person. I have even in the past flown to PE, for my "true love" and when we met , it was not there at all. I enjoyed the weekend... .alone.... .much better than with him. The imagination makes people bigger and better then real life. So I don't make any connection to a man I meet online till after I meet them. I don't know what OTHER people experience is with online dating but I am sure its similar. I have rarely met anyone that has connected with the first online love and it led to real life love. It seems to lead to one night stands or short relationship or an attempt at long distance relationships which I don't

Looking For:

A guy (43 - 69)

I would like my future man to be able to work along with me so that we can set goals and achieve them, and so we may have a very good life together and do things as well as have things to make both of our lives together much better, and for our unborn children Love and Honesty are tops on my list of what I expect from my man. I like too travel a lot too learn about other peoples culture. Sometimes I can be very silly as to make my man smile or laugh. I love seeing the happiness of my man..


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I don't have
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182cm (5' 11.7")
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self employed

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I eat healthily
I Smoke
I drink socially
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