A List of Ideas That Will Keep You Safe When Dating Online

Did you know that dating online can be very safe as long as you stick to some basic rules. After 10 years and serving hundreds of thousands of South African singles, we came up with a list of things that will keep you safe when you date online. Taking these ideas seriously will ensure that you are always safe and protected when you date online.

Keep it anonymous for starters

Don’t give out your contact number too soon. In our modern Internet age, your phone number can be used to uncover a lot of personal information about you like your address, social media profiles and even financial information. You would not want your number in the hands of someone who might harass or stalk you.

Take some time to get to know the other person that you are communicating with. A few days or even a few weeks of online communication before giving out a phone number is normal and not out of the ordinary. There is nothing wrong with taking your time to get to know someone online. It is going to take time to establish a reasonable level of trust with someone you may be interested in.

Be cautious of individuals who push for personal information too quickly. If things seem too good to be true, it could be a warning sign.

Refuse to give out your number if you spot any deal breakers or feel pressured by the other party in any way. There is no reason to think that it would be different in real life when you meet offline. Use the ‘Block’ functionality of our system to become invisible to the other party if you would like to end any contact permanently.

Non-negotiable deal breakers

Cut off contact if you are asked for money or airtime immediately. Use the ‘Block’ functionality of our system to become invisible to the other party and use the ‘Report Abuse’ function to let us know that you have been asked for money. We record the abuse reports received for each profile and if a profile receives a certain amount of abuse reports, the account gets suspended or blocked. We have anti-fraud systems in place that have been developed and refined for over a decade.

Never send money to someone you meet online, no matter the reason. There is not a valid enough reason on this earth to give money to someone you don’t know and have never seen before on a dating site. If you’re not yet married, there is absolutely no plausible reason to give someone money. It is not possible to get scammed if you don’t send or give people money. Make it an unbreakable rule never to send money to anyone you meet on a dating site.

Always keep in mind that you can end communication with anybody and become invisible to them by using the ‘Block’ function of our dating system.

Mind your own personal safety and belongings when meeting in real life

Meeting someone for the first time can be exciting, but it’s vital to prioritize your own safety.

When you meet offline for the first time always meet in a crowded, public place. A busy coffee shop or restaurant would be a great setting.

Inform a friend or family member about your plans. Share details like who you’re meeting, where, and when.

It may also be a great idea to take a friend along when you meet someone for the first time. It may help you feel safer and create a more relaxed atmosphere.

Arrange your own transportation to and from the meeting. Don’t let your date pick you up or drop you off at your home.

When you’re on the date don’t leave your cell phone un-attended and keep an eye on your belongings. Also be mindful not to leave your drink or food unattended.

Consider staying completely sober during your first few meetings. You will need sound judgment when it comes to finding someone special in your life. You cannot go wrong by going without alcohol.

Trust your instincts and gut feelings. If something feels off, end the date. It’s okay to leave or end the date early if you’re uncomfortable.