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5 of the best venues for a first date in Johannesburg

5 of the best venues for a first date in Johannesburg

It’s time to stop sitting on the couch and get out there. It’s time to meet that person who has captured your interest face to face. Johannesburg may not have the beaches or Table Mountain, but we know how to have fun and that’s what a first date should be!

5 Great Port Elizebeth Dating Ideas

Port Elizabeth Dating

We bring you 5 Port Elizabeth Dating ideas that is romantic and fun. Port Elizabeth (also known as PE) is definitely one of the most beautiful regions in South Africa. It has beautiful beaches for those couples who enjoy surfing, scuba diving, and more fun water activities alike.

5 Amazing Soweto Dating Ideas

South Africa

It doesn’t matter if you have been dating for years or have only just connected through online dating; Soweto has some incredible experiences to enjoy on a date.

10 Romantic Johannesburg Dating Ideas

Johannesburg City of Gold

We came up with ten romantic Johannesburg dating ideas. Johannesburg is also known as the city of gold. Fun fact: it is South Africa’s largest city and second-largest city in Africa (Cairo happens to take the first place), and you can imagine that there are lots to do in such a large city.