Frequently asked questions (FAQ) that we receive on a regular basis from members with their answers. Find an answer to your questions quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQ)

Account Activation Questions
Listed here are various questions and answers related to activating your account. Note that you can check the activation status of your account by going to ‘Profile‘ > ‘Account Activation‘ when logged into your account.
Profile Questions
Listed here are many profile related questions we receive frequently. Note that you can change or update your profile information by pressing or clicking on ‘Profile’ at the top of any page on
Photo Upload Questions
Various questions about uploading your photo or photos to If you are having difficulty uploading your photos you may find the appropriate help for that here.
Mail Questions
Various frequently asked questions we get about sending mail to other members and receiving mail from other members.
Other Miscellaneous Questions
Various miscellaneous questions about online dating and some questions specifically related to our free dating service on
Online Dating Safety Questions
Some frequently asked questions about dating online and protecting your own safety when meeting people online. This section also contains some very important information that every person doing online dating should absolutely know about.