How to Take Great Photos for Your Dating Profile

Internet dating profiles that have photos create much more interest than the ones that lack photos. Providing good photos with your profile will ensure that your profile is more interesting and that may lead to more people responding to your profile or emails.

Taking great profile photos can be a simple process. Keep it natural, refrain from manipulating the image too much and always upload a recent photo of yourself.

Quantity brings quality

Times have changed and digital cameras are inexpensive these days. Use a digital camera. A digital camera allows you to take as many photos as needed. Having a whole range of photos to choose from gives you the option of posting the best ones to your profile.


A proper light and camera angle will make your face look much more attractive and charming. The source of light should be positioned behind the camera and slightly above your face. Experiment with different angles to figure out which one works the best.


If you think that wearing sunglasses in your profile photo makes you look cool, think again. Sunglasses hide a large portion of your face and most importantly, your eyes. Eyes can tell a lot about your personality. Keeping your eyes covered may give the impression that you have something to hide.

Online Dating Profile Photos

How to Choose the Right Kind of Clothing

Extremely provocative clothing is not a good idea for an online dating profile photo, especially if you are looking for a long-term partner.

Some people take profile photos too far in an attempt to stand out. If your photos consists of you with little or no clothing on then make sure you are on the correct web site for that kind of thing. People looking for a relationship may avoid your profile if you don’t have a top on (for guys) or show off to much of your assets.

You can show off your body in other, more flattering ways. An activity picture will tell profile viewers something about your passions or hobbies.


This is one of the simplest ways of having great profile photos, yet so many people forget to smile when taking profile photos.

A smile gives your photo personality and makes you look friendly and approachable. It will encourage people to contact you or respond to your emails. A serious face with no smile may come across as you being unapproachable.


Wearing too much makeup may achieve the same result as photo-shopping and editing your photo excessively – it will take realism away from the photo.

A little bit of makeup that enhances your natural beauty is a great idea. Foundation, mascara and lip gloss is all that you need to bring out your inner beauty and to make people like what they see.

Finally, remember to have fun when taking your profile photos. Being very serious or concerned about it will usually not deliver the best results. Ask a friend to help you with the photo session and enjoy the experience. Be yourself and smile!