Why Online Dating May Be Better Than Traditional Dating

Some people say they are the same, others claim them to be two very separate beasts. No matter how you look at it, there are a few differences between online dating and traditional dating. In our modern world, online dating may have a lot of advantages when you compare it to traditional dating.

Online dating vs traditional dating

You set up dates in the comfort of your own home

The most obvious difference between online and traditional dating is the fact that dates are organized and set up in your pajamas and a cup of coffee while traditionally one would need to approach someone for a date or for a telephone number in person. Coldly, approaching people in person could intimidate even the bravest of souls where approaching people online has a very low intimidation factor.

It may be easier to meet someone for the first time if you know a few things about them

When you meet someone in the online world body language, facial expressions and tone of voice is something that is normally not present. For many meeting a potential romantic interest in person can be a little intimidating, especially if you do not know anything about them. First communicating to them via email or chat where body language, facial expressions and tone of voice is absent could be a gateway to ease into meeting new people in person as it may remove some of the intimidation. If you already know the person a little bit, it makes it easier to actually meet them in person and find some commonalities to talk about. You, of course also have the option of not meeting some new potential interests at all because they did not meet some of your requirements.

Traditional dating involves a small group of potential matches, often suggested by friends or family members. Online dating usually provides you with huge pool of potential matches to choose from.

With online dating you will normally know a lot more about your date than with traditional dating. Religion, hobbies, pets, smoking and drinking habits are the common things covered by all online dating sites. Some have more options and others have less. Communicating to people online, before you meet them also allows you some time to gather information about your match and whether they have qualities, characteristics and traits that may be a deal breaker for you or may get you excited to finally meet them.

Algorithms find matches for you according to your own preferences

Online dating sites typically use algorithms to match you with potential dates, sometimes this is based solely on your online profile, other times you will have filled out personality tests and surveys about what you want in a partner.

While your friends and family often have your best interests at heart they probably will not always be able to tell you who will be a good match for you. They might be basing their matching criteria on something like: ‘you will look cute together’ or ‘you like the same bands’.

Online Dating has been around forever!

The sheer volume of people on dating sites today is a testament that online dating does work. Online dating sites have been around since the dawn of the Internet. If you have not tried it before, then you may be missing out on a great opportunity to find that special person. Online dating may be an excellent way to meet new people due to its convenience, matching capabilities and the amount of information available to you on potential matches.