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5 Amazing Soweto Dating Ideas

South Africa

It doesn’t matter if you have been dating for years or have only just connected through online dating; Soweto has some incredible experiences to enjoy on a date.

10 Romantic Johannesburg Dating Ideas

Johannesburg City of Gold

We came up with ten romantic Johannesburg dating ideas. Johannesburg is also known as the city of gold. Fun fact: it is South Africa’s largest city and second-largest city in Africa (Cairo happens to take the first place), and you can imagine that there are lots to do in such a large city.

6 Fun Pretoria Dating Ideas

We thought of 6 of the best Pretoria dating ideas and neatly put them together for you. As the capital city of South Africa, Pretoria offers numerous fun things and activities for couples to engage in. Pretoria is a big city and it offers a huge variety of choice when it comes to dating activities. 6 Fun Pretoria Dating Ideas

How to meet Mr. Right with Online Dating

It is literally raining men online, but finding Mr. Right can be a bit of a challenging endeavor to some. In this post I’ve listed simple things that you can do to attract the man that is right for you. This is not rocket science and can be easier than you think.

Common Online Dating Mistakes to Avoid

Online dating is a novel invention that provides a quick way to meet new people with many advantages compared to traditional dating. If you have tried online dating and haven’t had the results you were looking for, you may be overlooking some things that are needed for success.

Common Myths of Online Dating

Times have changed and so have the ways in which we meet one another. There are many misconceptions about online dating that can prevent people from finding their true love. In this post we look at some of the common myths that cause people to unnecessarily avoid online dating.